Shifty McGee

This is Shifty McGee. But who is he?

Who is Shifty McGee?

You’ve seen his picture out and about the site, especially in the film logo and in the Contribution Perks. He’s Shifty McGee.

He’s, um, sort of a character in Purge Your Loser. Kind of. Not as much as he’d like to be, though. Shifty has had a life of his own long before we started writing the script for this short.

If you genetically spliced Peter Lorre and Pee Wee Herman, you’d get Shifty McGee.

The Shifty RevolutionBe afraid, be very afraid.

Shifty is a bit of a meta-character. He’s poised to be his own cottage industry, as the leader of the Shifty Revolution. He’s his own brand marketing. The sort of perks he’s part of for this crowd-sourcing project is just the beginning; he plans to be seen on hats, buttons, T-shirts, posters, spray painted on walls (we do NOT condone graffiti, even though we would think it was pretty damn funny to have graffiti of THIS guy!)

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