We’re getting down to the wire on our Indiegogo film campaign. We have less than 14 days left to raise a budget to shoot our professional short film in LA.

So now’s the time for you to really step up – YOU can make this campaign successful! Please visit our indiegogo site ( and check out the levels of contribution! Find one that sound right for you and join in the fun!

Just as importantly, please share this link on your Facebook page, Twitter, and all the other insane social media sites you frequent, and encourage your own rabid network of followers to visit and contribute. We’re not curing cancer here, we can prove that you don’t have to be a Big Name to make a crowd-sourcing project work! This will be a stellar production, funny as hell, and you’ll be a permanent star in the sky of its success. Visit! Contribute! Share! Shower! Rinse and Repeat! And, of course, our eternal gratitude – which should be good for another 30 – 40 years until we’re, you know, dead.

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